Our Story

Infinite Outsourcing Solutions (IOS) is a resource management consultancy. We have over 15 years of combined experience in helping businesses outsource the solutions they need to succeed and continue growing. Since our humble beginnings, providing HR and talent acquisitions solutions, IOS has grown to currently offering various business solutions to many industries which include supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare.

At any given time, we are discussing and developing a number of new customized solutions for clients in new industries. When your name is Infinite, providing an endless array of solutions comes with the territory. As does providing a sense of infinite possibilities, no matter the scale of operations, or the stage in career.

We take much pride in offering a boutique style service, regardless of a business’ size or the specific need of an individual client. We are invested in going end-to-end with individuals and organizations, from early stages of the development of careers and businesses, to facilitating their exponential growth.

At IOS, we invite everyone to have a seat at the table and envision how they can sit at the head of it, through our decentralized organizational structure. And our focus on solutions which complement our clients’ core business activities and value propositions, means that we constantly create opportunities for transparent cost savings and sustainable business development. Find out more by requesting a custom solution!

Infinite Success Stories

This is an excellent company with a dedicated team of professionals. I have had the pleasure of using them for a wide-range of projects, tasks, and needs and they have met or exceeded my expectations each time. Specifically, they have assisted with project management, graphic design, corporate taxes, and audio-visual projects. They met all deadlines and I was impressed with the quality of service I received. I would highly recommend them to any business or company who requires their services and would be happy to provide a reference check.

Chris, Marketing Client

Infinite Outsourcing is such a great agency that provides unlimited services to the clients and to the agents. I have been dealing with them for the past few years and they have provided great agents to our company. All the agents that have been provided are extraordinary and very professional with their tasks. IOS has been a great investment for our company due to their great quality and service. Nothing can beat their quality and willingness to help. Even during a short notice, they tend to provide the best service to our company with excellent agents. Their service and professionalism cannot be replaced by anyone. I would recommend IOS to any company that is looking for a reliable and a quality service.

AJ, Successful Logistics Candidate

It has been a pleasure working with this company. They have always helped secure a job and always stood up to their words. Never disappointed me. If you are looking for a proper stable job in your field, I highly recommend Infinite Outsourcing Solutions.

Jerome, Successful Customer Service Candidate

I have used Infinite Outsourcing several times over the last 5 years and found their expertise and professionalism to be of the highest quality. Each time they have exceeded expectations in terms of providing well-trained material handlers and enabled us to complete assignments ahead of schedule, on budget and with complete accuracy. Infinite is very agile and has been able to provide substantial resources on very short notice. I would highly recommend Infinite to any business that needs a boost in productivity and quality of work.

Don, Supply Chain Client

This company is set out to help people not only find jobs but also to prepare individuals in the job finding process and their career as well. Their services range from job search to healthcare to logistics. This company is a great resource and is a company I highly recommend for individuals to look into.

Thana, Marketing Intern

I have been working with Infinite Outsourcing for several years. Their dedication and professionalism are of a high standard. They have helped me grow my business and continue to be an excellent resource for my company.

Frank, Business Development Client

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