HR & Talent Acquisition

Looking for the right talent to join your organization and catalyze its growth? So are we. At IOS we build relationships with talented professionals and are able to recommend those who will best align with achieving your goals. From helping you optimize workflow, to navigating workplace transformations, we ensure you identify and acquire the talent you will need.

IOS takes recruiting the right talent, with appropriate credentials and certifications, hiring and training off your plate, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

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Labor Planning

One of the most exciting and nerve-wracking transitions for any business is undergoing organizational change. Your team at Infinite Outsourcing Solutions will help you anticipate and prepare for any transformation your organization is set to undergo, ensuring that you have appropriate, systematic, succession planning and a dynamic growth strategy in place.

We recognize that your vision and desire to grow extend far beyond your current place in your industry and we tap in our vast network to help you identify nuanced organizational structures and hierarchies to ensure you succeed.

We work with small and medium-sized enterprises, across all sectors and industries, to identify efficiencies as we support them through restructuring (downsizing and scaling up), redeployment, talent development, and training.

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Warehouse System

For those working in logistics and supply chain, the presence of an efficient warehouse system is crucial. We get it. We’ve helped clients scaling to implement their warehouse systems, and we have helped those who have needed assistance with overhauling problematic or defunct systems.

Our warehouse system implementation solutions include a combination of HR support, consultation, and implementation of best practices, software, as well as infrastructure to support long and short-term needs.

Once your warehouse system has been implemented, we remain available to you to provide business solutions that support your continued growth.

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Maintenance Consulting

Finding the time and resources to assess and identify areas for improvement within your organizational process, on an ongoing basis, can appear to be far beyond the scope of what you have capacity for. You can count on your team at Infinite Outsourcing Solutions to help you fill this gap.

We have the extensive experience to help our clients increase overall reliability of their processes while minimizing cost. We will help identify areas of improvement which will reduce maintenance costs, including providing recommendations for how operations and maintenance can work in tandem, coaching our clients on the implementation of best practices. Recognizing that overall reliability is a direct result of process and equipment reliability, we are meticulous in our approach and don’t leave any area of your processes unexamined.

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Process Improvement

Operating at the level of the status quo without continuously identifying areas for growth and development will render any business irrelevant. This is why Infinite Outsourcing Solutions offers process improvement as one of our business solutions.

Whatever your industry or sector, the size and scope of your business, we’ll help you identify how you can keep up with your competitors. With IOS’ support you will identify and increase operational efficiency, prepare to respond to new regulations and risks, take advantage of new opportunities in your industry, or perhaps all three!

We help you evaluate your operations critically to ensure that you are prepared to respond agilely to the changes that emerge in your line of business. Through a combination of recommendations that include talent acquisition, efficient processes, and the acquisition of the most effective technologies, we ensure that you are prepared to perform at your peak.

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Project Management

At IOS we have the capacity to manage projects using expertise which span industries, technology and various operational models to generate the greatest results. Our approach to project management involves a combination of consulting and innovating alongside our clients to bring about results that meet and surpass the scope of the projects at hand. We believe that every project we manage offers the opportunity to lay the groundwork for future success by enhancing the scope of our clients’ business and producing lasting value.

To this end, we work with our extensive network of contractors, government agencies, architects, engineers, financial institutions, and insurance companies, to name a few, to bring our clients’ projects to a successful completion. What’s more, we strive to establish strong relationships throughout, to help pave the way for the success of upcoming projects and collaborations.

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Financial Solutions

Securing capital, at competitive rates is a concern at any stage of a business’ lifespan, and one which has the ability to severely limit growth. At IOS we work with lenders and equity investors with whom we have longstanding relationships to provide our clients with the best solutions for their business.

To date we have provided access to working capital loans, term loans, Canada Small Business Financing Loans, trade finance, leasing, commercial mortgage financing, as well as asset-based funding. We also provide custom solutions, and consulting regarding these solutions, on an ongoing basis.

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Accounting & Payroll

In any business operation, efficiency in accounting and payroll is a key determinant of sustainable success and growth. Through IOS you can access accounting and payroll consulting and services, customized based on whether your business is in planning or implementation stages.

We analyze your operations and provide recommendations to help you identify and address risks, and scale and expand your business. And then we work with you to create solutions, incorporating the insights and professional competencies of experienced and effective professionals in your industry. Throughout all of this, we place the highest emphasis on transparency and accuracy in the services we provide, and we have built a network for our clients to leverage, that reflects this.

From financial statements to bookkeeping, setting up accounting systems, to processing monthly remittances, we have the solutions you’re looking for.

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Design & Printing

A unique logo and business name will only get you so far. These pieces of your company’s brand identity are the bare minimum. Creating marketing collateral on an ongoing basis, to support the sales of your products or services must be considered essential components of your growth strategy to ensure its success.

IOS can help you identify and implement design and printing services that are tailored to your unique business culture. From ideation to execution, from concept, to printed product, we will help you prepare for and create communication pieces and campaign creatives. This includes everything from graphic design, to high-volume copying and binding. Need something more? Let us know, and we’ll create a custom solution for you.

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Healthy, Safety & Environment

You know that adequate training in the workplace, pertaining to health, safety and environment is about more than fulfilling legal obligations or meeting industry standards. It’s about creating and maintaining a safe and productive environment to work in every single day.

The IOS team can help you perform audits of your workplace’s existing health, safety and environment needs and anticipate those which are upcoming. We work with our clients to develop plans that take into consideration, and complement, their business goals. We also integrate health, safety and environment considerations into every one of our business solutions, so that they are always supporting your overall goals. For example, when fulfilling staffing solutions, we ensure that the candidates we recommend possess the necessary knowledge and training to completely contribute to your operations.

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Standard Audit Support

Looking to increase efficiency in your operations? Or to assess whether you are meeting industry standards? IOS’ standard audit support will help you determine how effectively you are currently meeting your business’ measures of success. We do this by performing thorough examinations of financial statements, comprehensive surveys, and conducting in-depth interviews, to identify key issues.

We will also provide you with recommendations for improvement and facilitate the adoption and implementation of the recommendations. Our goal through our standard audit support consultations and services is to enhance the quality, consistency and transparency of your business practices.

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Transportation & Bidding

The complexities that come with transportation and bidding can be very difficult to navigate. The IOS team provides support to businesses that focus on these functions, from developing a fleet of vehicles, and related infrastructure, such as maintenance stations, to identifying and applying to requests for information and requests for proposals, to negotiating freight contracts.

Whatever stage of growth your business is in, developing the effectiveness of your transportation solutions, across all modes of carriers (including truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, small package and air) shape the scope for your success.

IOS reviews key performance indicators and determine which gaps are most critical in our clients’ operations, then facilitate addressing them. We also help our clients identify new solutions and opportunities that they can implement to increase capacity, improve performance, and/or reduce costs.

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We also provide Custom Tailored Solutions for your organization

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