Labor Planning

Workforce planning is a crucial element in the balance and progress of organizations that want to exercise a competitive advantage, considering the fact that workforce which includes permanent employees and contractors is one of the most important tangible assets to an organization. Having said that, this asset is often not significantly planned, measured or optimized by a surprisingly large number of companies. This brings a crucial problem to the table Рwhich is the fact that many organizations are not fully aware of the current workforce gaps and inefficiencies which could hamper or limit the success of a business unit. Workforce planning or labor planning is the diligent process of proactively identifying a company’s hiring needs and weighing it against the talent acquisition or attrition rates. This assures that the preventable and undesired costs associated with having surplus of talent never occurs, nor loss of opportunity and income associated with not having enough staff on hand to complete work. We work with managers and leaders to identify the consequences of their talent acquisition decisions or lack thereof Рthis is done using trend analysis, business intelligence, recruitment and exit rates which will all lead to insightful suggestions. Also, our HR & Talent Acquisition team can ensure that you always have the most suitable and skilled workforce at hand.
We at Infinite Outsourcing Solutions have a team of experts who live and breathe workforce planning. We create a custom strategy for each organization composing of demand planning, understanding the supply of resources within the company, forecasting trends based on a number of criterias, workforce contingency, leadership development and training, performance management, retirements, measuring external influences etc. We take all this work off your plate leaving you to focus on what you do best – your business. This in turn also offers you peace of mind as you never face shortage (or surplus) workforce and always perform at optimal efficiency saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also assess the current condition of the individuals in your workforce and from experience and data forecast the possibilities of turnover which offers a company the critical lead time to address the particular issue or the shortcoming it might cause. With predictive Gap Analysis, we identify the gaps in the organization and propose measures to close the gaps which is where our Maintenance Consulting and Process Improvement services can help – allowing you to reap the benefits of using a one stop shop solution provider like us. Sometimes, in such processes, it is easy to get absorbed by the minor details and intricacies. The experts at IOS always keep an eye on the bigger picture and plan for the future so that the labor planning is aligned with the business goals. We offer services in Toronto and Vancouver, if you have workforce planning needs, please feel free to contact us.