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A vast majority of organizational improvements and reasons that impede the success of a fast paced company lie in processes that are outdated, inefficient or redundant. The core objective of our process improvement service is to determine, elucidate and eliminate such processes and suggest solutions that work better for the organization.

Start from basics of business
process mapping.

To solve the process improvement puzzle, we start from the very basics – business process mapping which basically tells the story of the operation we are looking at and the various business units and departments that participate in them. This shall act as a good basis for us to identify and explicate the issues. Here are a few questions we ask ourselves:

  • Quality of Process: Is the business process defined, documented, and religiously followed throughout the process?
  • Understanding: Do all departments or units involved comprehend the business process?
  • Functional: Is there a system in place to manage the process?
  • Efficiency: Are the current processes efficient and sustainable?
  • Scope for improvement: Could processes be streamlined or re-engineered to add value?
Experience Facilitating Implementation

Things get slightly more complicated in companies with regulatory compliance requirements – this is where our specialized consultants experienced in implementing process improvement in regulated facilities come into play. Their experience assures that process improvements go hand in hand with the compliance requirements. At Infinite Outsourcing Solutions, we offer a hands on approach unlike many other process improvement companies who only suggest or facilitate process improvements.

Steps Involved in Process

Before you choose your process improvement consultant, please ensure that they have a well defined process in place for guaranteed success as it is a crucial activity that can directly affect the productivity of your business. We follow the steps below on most of our projects:

  • Process Mapping: Clearly understand the current business processes in detail understanding the gaps and departments involved.
  • Identifying Obstacles: In this step, we identify the areas that are impeding seamless flow of the process and those that are susceptible to failure or inefficiency.
  • Create Process Improvement Plan: This is a crucial stage of the process, we at Infinite Outsourcing Solutions ensure that the process improvement plan is well defined and documented.
  • Implementation: We first look for the quick wins, there are almost always areas where we can improve which will bring quick and visible results.
  • Next steps: Once we get some quick wins, we then reassess and improvise the plans if needed as things can be fluid and dynamic at times and progress pragmatically.
  • Support and Ensure Success: As our approach is hands on meaning we do not just suggest and facilitate but get involved and take responsibility. We provide assistance and training where required to ensure that the objectives are met.
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